New work for Raveningham Sculpture Trail – Children of Leda

Meg has been working for the past 6 weeks on three new pieces for the Raveningham Sculpture Trail, which opens on Sat 31st August, inspired by the idea of Shelter. Following her own themes of Swan Women and coercion, she thought about how a nest shelters but can be a trap, and about the very fragile shelter of an egg. (read more here)

The new pieces refer to the classical myth of Leda and her children. Raped by the god Zeus in the shape of a swan, Leda gives birth to two eggs and has to hide them and keep them safe from their father.

They hatch out into the twins – the goddess Artemis/Diana who presides over night/the moon and the god Apollo, who presides over day/the sun.
Placed in the garden at Raveningham, tucked safely under a hedge, the twins lie sleeping in their egg-shells. Near them, a new manifestation of Infant/Soul – Hatching, has broken out of her own egg and grown wings to fly into a new life.

Originally made in clay…


….moulded with silicone, and cast in Jesmonite.


Open daily 31st July – 5th Sept, 10-5pm

Book your time slot in advance, or call in a get the next slot available.


The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, Raveningham, Norfolk, NR14 6NU.

01508 548406,