Film and Sound

Meg has been involved in film-making since the 1970s, as an actor and occasionally editor of standard 8 underground shorts. After a 15 year break, she started running children’s super 8 film-animation workshops between 1992 and 2000, as part of the Sound of Wangford project.

In 2001 she took part in a week of 16mm film fun with Forkbeard Fantasy at Phoenix Art Centre Exeter and was inspired start to making her own films.

In 2012/3 she made Psyche Open the Box with Nutmeg, a puppet film shot out of doors in Suffolk.

This was followed by Spooky Folk – an on-going series of short shadow-puppet films, each the length of a gothic folk song about aspects of women’s lives, with original sound tracks. (See Spooky Folk post.)

She has been making wildlife films since 2015;

October Otter 2015


Caught in the Act, a mash-up of trail camera footage with Suffolk Otter Group 2017, on tour as part of a series of talks about Suffolk Otters with Nicky Rowbottom.

Inspired by an ear-opening course in 2017 – Wildeye’s Introduction to Wildlife Sound Recording led by Chris Watson and Jez Riley-French – she has been developing the sound aspect of her films. She uses a Zoom H5 recorder and clippy mics for omni directional/binaural sound.

Drifting in the Drift 2018

And films combining sound and photos:

Roosting Swallows 2019


Bulcamp Dawn April 2020


She ran the Kinodrome tent at Folk East between 2015 and 2019 with Jim Cecil, showing a programme of contemporary East Anglian shorts, environmental and archive films.

She also takes commissions.




Psyche at Raveningham Sculpture Trail 2022

Meg’s work has been accepted for the trail at Raveningham this year, which will run from

Sat 30th July – Sun 4th September.

The subject of the trail is Journey, and she’s making a series of small pieces, some in the form of bass-relief tiles, illustrating the classical story of Psyche and Cupid. This will be inspired by, but different from, her film “Psyche! Open the Box!” (read more)

The site for the installation will be the branches of an ancient wisteria against a wall, with linked pieces following Psyche’s journey. Original music from the film composed and recorded by Jane Wells will add to the atmosphere of the piece.


Spooky Folk

…is a series of short gothic films each the length of a folk song about different aspects of women’s lives and experience, with unusual singers and some original musical arrangements.

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Michael and the Raven, sung by Nicolette Vine;

The Unquiet Grave with Debra Hyatt, and an original version of the song performed by Nico Brown;


And The Outlandish Knight with Debra Hyatt, and original music performed by Nico Brown

A new version of She Moved Through the Fair – the first Spooky Folk, sung by Vernon Rose – will be available soon.
In production, The Gartan Mother’s Lullaby, with singers Jenny Nutbeem, Bryn Raven, and Meg herself, and flautist Ted Potter.