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Raveningham Sculpture Trail – one more week!

Raveningham Sculpture Trail continues till Monday 31st August. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet, don’t be put off by “sold out” messages on the website. You can still contact the organisers via the site and ask for a late slot! It will be worth it. Watching people leaving the trail last Sunday it was wonderful to see how delighted they were by the experience.

Infant /Soul by Meg at no 37 on the trail.

Thorns and Feathers – Ideas behind the Swan Woman Installation at Raveningham

Swan Woman in the Brambles, the bronze that I exhibited at Raveningham in 2019, was a piece about coercion.

Though it sounds banal, I was moved to tears by a story in The Archers about a coerced woman, and I realised this was because it was partly my story. It was also a universal story that many people can relate to. Swan Woman is escaping. The brambles symbolise the controlling relationship she is escaping from, but also the almost physical sensation in her heart of being torn by thorns that she suffers as she breaks out.
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