Meg Amsden has been a practising artist since the 1970s.  Though her chief interests were art, theatre, dance, and the natural world, she was steered from an early age in an academic direction. Studying Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge, she graduated in Social Anthropology in 1971. What she learnt there continues to inform her work, but even at the time she was less interested in studying cultural activities than practising them herself.

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She started Nutmeg Puppet Company with a group of colleagues in 1979 and ran it for 40 years. Meg still performs shows and workshops on request and the website continues to be live.


Nutmeg  productions have been inspired by a concern for the natural world and our place in it.  Much as Meg has enjoyed working with puppets, she always felt that she was an artist working in the medium of puppetry. Since 2010 she has been developing her own practice, making films and sculpture, and exhibiting her work in East Anglia.