“Weird Sisters” at Sculpture in the Valley 2022

Meg submitted an idea for the Waveney & Blyth Arts Sculpture Trail earlier this year on the theme of “Between Two Worlds”, and has been accepted. An unusual three-trunked birch tree on the hillside above Potton Hall, Suffolk (the Trail venue), caught her eye and she started working on the idea of the three goddesses of pre-Christian northern Europe. (read more here)

Sketch of stone carving in Bath Museum.

Variously known in the Atlantic Isles as the Norns, the Weird Sisters, or the Morrigan, they are fertility goddesses, depicting three stages of a woman’s life; the Crone (Macha), the Mother (Babh), and the Maiden (Ana). They are often shown carrying babies, sheaves of wheat or horns of plenty,

Three-trunked birch tree at Potton Hall.

The birch tree was also revered as one of the eight chieftain trees. Meg decided to combine the idea of three goddesses with her theme of tree spirits – between two worlds of human and spirit, earth and sky, linked by the tree. She will create three masks, using birch bark and other materials, to place on the three trunks.

The Trail will run from May 27th to June 26th 2022. More details to come.