Infant/Soul – a further commission brings joy.

The Infant/Soul sculpture I made for the Raveningham Sculpture Trail was bought on the last day of the trail. I was contacted later by visitor to the trail who wondered if there were a copy available, as he wanted to buy it for his wife for Christmas. (read more here) There were a few problems. I was worried the original buyer might not like me to make a copy, but she was happy as she knew I would paint it differently so it would not look the same as hers. The mould had nearly collapsed in the casting. It had been very hot in July when I made it, the silicone ran thin and was slow to set, but I managed to renovate it with silicon sealant and replace the collapsed plaster jacket. I made two casts, which both ended up different from the original as the mould had changed shape.

Infant Soul 3 was finished and delivered in time for Christmas and my client said,

“I gave (my wife) the infant/soul sculpture yesterday and she was quite overwhelmed. I knew she would like it but that is an understatement, as she was truly thrilled to be able to hold it and keep it for her own. (She) worked for most of her nursing career with neo-natal infants, often premature and tiny, and since she retired 8 years ago she has occasionally expressed a desire for some kind of artwork to remind her of her role in caring for them. So, a wonderful piece of art in a place where it will be appreciated for years to come…”