Raveningham Wildrose Dryads.

Three Wildrose Dryads cast in bronze this spring for a cancelled sculpture trail just needed an outing, so they hitched a ride to Raveningham! You can find them – ex brochure – installed in a rose bush beside the front door of the house/entrance to the gallery.  The rose commemorates dearly-missed Norfolk folklorist Jennifer Westwood.

Cup, mask and bud made in wax by Meg, cast in bronze by Jim Racine and Stewart Anderson. Carnelian and peridot beads, Virginia Storey, tech assistance Tim Hunkin.

Wildrose Dryad cup – 7 inches diameter – carnelian eyes

Wildrose Dryad mask – 7 x 8 inches – carnelian eyes.

Wildrose Dryad bud – 3 1/2 inches diameter – peridot eyes.